Grupo México will invest US $ 95 million in storage terminals in 2020

Grupo México reported that it will invest 95 million dollars in fuel storage terminals in different strategic points in Mexico during 2020.

Overall, the company approved a $ 1.04 billion investment program for the construction of fuel storage terminals that will increase Mexico’s energy self-sufficiency and security.

Grupo México will start with two terminals in Monterrey and Guadalajara with an investment of 180 million dollars, which will increase the storage capacity of these cities in 7 and 15 days, respectively.

GM Controladora de Combustibles (GMCC), a subsidiary of Grupo México, will carry out these operations.

Currently, GMCC has a transfer terminal in operation in Cadereyta, Nuevo León, with a capacity of 6,300 barrels per day and is developing the two fuel storage terminals in Monterrey and Guadalajara, which have contracts signed for 10 years and 100% of assigned capacity.

GMCC will carry out the construction (2020) and operation (2021) of these first two terminals, which represent the first advances towards a detailed plan for the construction and operation of several other terminals, through axes to complete the logistics chain of importers and fuel marketers according to the points of entry into the national territory.

Grupo México

GMCC, through its subsidiaries, owns a fuel transfer terminal in Cadereyta. The Monterrey and Guadalajara terminals are awaiting resolution of the engineering details by Grupo México Servicios de Ingeniería (GMSI) and environmental permits to start site clean-up and earthworks by México Compañía Constructora (MCC).


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