Grupo México prepares US $ 250 million Fenicias Wind Farm

Grupo México prepares the start-up of its Fenicias Wind Farm, in which it will invest 250 million dollars.

This 168MW renewable project, located in the state of Nuevo León, is 83.0 percent complete.

Recently, the construction of the 60 km transmission line was completed, the construction works of the lifting substation, roads and excavations are about to be completed; and the assembly of the wind turbines continues.

In 2019, Grupo México invested US $ 135 million in the Infrastructure Division, of which US $ 50 million were allocated to the acquisition of the new Fenicias wind farm in the north of the country.

The company planned to spend another 193 million dollars on the same project during 2020.

Grupo México

This park will supply electricity to the mining and metallurgical operations at IMMSA and is expected to start operations at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Grupo México is the third largest company in the country in terms of market capitalization and the fourth in marketability, and it is also the second largest company in payment of taxes and the first in payment of PTU in Mexico and Peru.

The company has generated more than 29,400 direct jobs in 2020 and more than 29,000 indirect ones. At the same time, it is the fifth largest copper producer globally, with the lowest cash-cost in the industry in the world.

Eolico Park

The assets for power generation include a Central Combined Cycle Plant (La Caridad) with a total capacity of 500MW, distributed in two 250MW plants located in Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico; the main input is natural gas. 70% of the energy is generated by the gas turbine and 30% by the steam turbine.

On the other hand, the “El Retiro” Wind Farm has a generation capacity of 74MW through 37 turbines of 2 MW of power each; the main input is the wind.

Grupo México: indicadores financieros

Grupo México Energía is building the new Fenicias wind farm to supply electricity to its mining and metallurgical operations at IMMSA.

In 2019, the company entered into power supply contracts between the new Fenicias Wind Farm and other private sector companies, including: VF Outdoor México, Dickies de Parras and Wrangler de Mexico, among others.


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