Grupo México builds lime plant

Grupo México builds a new lime plant with a production capacity of 600 metric tons per day in Sonora, Mexico.

This will be the largest lime plant in the country.

The new facility will allow Grupo México to reduce approximately 50% of the current cost of lime in its Mexican operations.

Already the company has spent 43 million dollars of the total budget for the lime plant, which is 63 million dollars.

Lime plant

Grupo México expects this project to start operations in the third quarter of 2022.

Considering all its operations, Grupo México employs 29,700 direct employees and more than 110,000 highly trained and well-paid indirect employees.

In addition to being the fifth largest copper producer in the world, with the lowest cash-cost in the industry worldwide, the company has the largest copper reserves in the world.

Its Mining Division is an integrated producer of copper, zinc and other minerals and operates extraction, smelting and refining plants mainly in Peru and Mexico.

It is controlled by Americas Mining Corporation (AMC), which operates with the following subsidiaries: in Peru through Southern Peru Copper Corporation (SPCC or the Peruvian Branch), in Mexico through Minera México (MM) both subsidiaries of Southern Copper Corporation (SCC), in the United States with Asarco LLC (Asarco) and a project in Spain through AMC Mining Iberia, S.L.U. (AMC IBERIA).

The Mining Division has mines, metallurgical plants and exploration projects in Peru, Mexico, the United States, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.

Asarco rejoined GMexico on December 9, 2009. It has 3 mines and 1 smelter in Arizona and 1 refinery in Texas.

Finally, Southern Copper Corporation increased its rating in the 2021 evaluation of the Corporate Sustainability Assessment of the S&P Global rating agency.

This qualification reflects a continuous progression and allows the integration for the third consecutive year to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

The performance of 2021 was 22% better than in 2020, being 79% above the average in the Mining and Metals industry, thanks to the good grades obtained in topics such as labor relations, community development, environmental and social reporting, water management and climate change, among others.


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