Grupo Lala: software and hardware capabilities in the cloud

Grupo Lala reported that 98% of the software and hardware capabilities that its business requires to operate are already running in the cloud.

Thus, the company can have better IT security and resilient capacity adapted to business demand and momentum, promoting technological upgrades and cost optimization.

In particular, the company increased and optimized the use of cloud capabilities (Cloud PaaS & SaaS) to maximize elastic, scalable capabilities, seeking to improve costs and increase security levels and operational continuity and availability capabilities.

For example, Grupo Lala migrated with the least possible disruption the Primary and Secondary Corporate Data Centers to a private cloud scheme with greater benefits and lower costs.

In 2022, the company moved its entire decentralized platform operating in more than 150 distribution centers to the cloud.

Grupo Lala

Simultaneously, the company increased security capabilities for 100% of users by incorporating mechanisms.

Among the actions taken are: two-factor authentication from a single identity manager with reach to multiple systems/platforms/services within or outside Grupo Lala’s facilities; continuous monitoring and analysis of events and security alerts on mission-critical and/or sensitive equipment; and improvements to anti-phishing capabilities and against malicious code and other advanced threats.

At the same time, the company has increased the calibration of faculties and access roles and profiles based on and focused on SAP’s central system.

By the end of 2022, these actions have allowed Grupo Lala to reach a maturity level of 2.4 versus Gartner maturity model and renew the cybersecurity policy that only 17% of companies in LATAM have.

In its different territories such as Mexico, the United States and Central America, the company has the SAP business system that supports the management of its business processes such as supply chain and manufacturing management, commercial operations with customers, relations with suppliers, as well as all financial processes and obligations.

In operations where it reaches the retail channel, its distribution centers are supported by SICAV, SAP and mobile computing such as handhelds and/or smartphones, which allow it to enable the processes of administration, supply of finished product for sale, self-sale-pre-sale-delivery, as well as the daily settlement of operations.


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