Grupo Lala advances in research and development in milk and other dairy products

Grupo Lala has made significant advances in research and development (R&D) in milk and other dairy products.

Today, the company, which is the main Mexican firm in the dairy industry, has an area of ​​research, innovation and development.

Its main activities and functions include:

  • The development of new products, as well as the constant improvement and redesign of these.
  • Sensory evaluation and evaluation with consumers.
  • Analysis of information and technical documentation.
  • Scientific and nutritional support.
  • Coordination of research for the LALA Institute (entity created by Grupo Lala, in order to positively influence the nutrition and life of people, through providing nutritional and food guidance with emphasis on the benefits of dairy products on health, as well as as in healthy lifestyles).
  • Developments at the laboratory level.
  • Escalations in pilot plant and implementation of processes at an industrial level.
  • Evaluation and approval of ingredients and suppliers.
  • Development of special projects for new processes.

Grupo Lala

The R&D team is made up of engineers with backgrounds in engineering, food technology, food science, or biochemistry.

Many of the members of this team have graduate studies.

In addition, Grupo Lala has a continuous education and updating program for its employees in the technical and administrative areas.

To be efficient in the tests, escalations and evaluations that are carried out for the development of new products, reformulations and process improvements, the company has a pilot plant that replicates most of the processes and conditions of a production plant and allows to simulate the conditions that are presented there for the different products.

Likewise, its Research, Innovation and Development Center has a laboratory for physicochemical and microbiological analyzes and highly specialized equipment such as liquid and gas chromatographs, as well as for analyzes related to the study of the shelf life of its products.

The facilities are located in La Laguna, Mexico.


In 2019, Grupo Lala accompanied its strategy with the relaunch of its entire line of fresh milk, seeking a differentiation that highlights its virtues compared to its competitors, the creation of a category of functional milk based on LALA 100, the launch of LALA Griego. and the redesign of the Nutrileche brand, which it has modernized under the Nutri seal.

With the aim of continuing to grow in the organic segment, the company ventured into the ultra-pasteurized milk shelf with the Lala Orgánica portfolio, together with the lactose-free option, and grew the LALA Vita portfolio with Amaranth, Rice and on-the-go formats.

In 2020, it carried out multiple reformulations to improve the nutritional profile of its products, adhering to the recent modification of the Labeling Standard to offer the consumer stamp-free products in its line of flavored milk Yomi, Café con Lala, Nutri, ChocoLALA, Yogurt Biobalance and LALA Delicias, Fermented Products, Yomi and Art Jellies, among others.

It also launched new products such as lactose-free LALA100 in its pasteurized and UHT version, Lala Go yogurt, LALA Griego Zero and LALA Griego traditional, the latter in a heavier-weight format.


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