Grupo KUO: production of flours and fats 

Grupo KUO produces flours and fats based on meat waste generated by its processing plants in Yucatán, Mexico.

It started this business following its acquisition of PCP del Sureste on January 12, 2023.

Through its subsidiaries KUO Consumo and Grupo Porcícola Mexicano, the company purchased a business dedicated to the production of flours and fats based on meat waste generated by the two processing plants of the Porcícola segment in Yucatán. 

According to the company itself, the acquisition responds to the strategy of increasing the value chain, with the incorporation of products to food production. 

The amount amounted to 274 million pesos, of which 70% was paid at the signing of the contract and the remaining 30% over a 12-month term. 

Founded in 1952, Grupo KUO is a Mexican conglomerate that produces chemicals, foodstuffs, textiles, synthetic rubber, polymers, transmissions and spare parts.

Grupo KUO 

Grupo KUO has a division dedicated to the production and marketing of pork products, mainly under its Kekén and Kiniton brands.

In addition to being sold in the Mexican market, these products are exported mainly to Japan, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore

Its leadership derives from vertical integration, which includes: 

  • Genetics.
  • Feed plants.
  • Farm structure.
  • Processing plants.
  • Marketing through Maxicarne stores and other proprietary channels. 

Pigs and Grupo KUO

During November 2021, the processing plant located in Sahé, Yucatán, was reopened and started up again. This plant has a weekly processing capacity of more than 40,000 pigs and contributes to position the national industry as a world reference in the pork sector, at the forefront in terms of technological innovation and sustainability. 

The following are some of its pork products:

  • Processed products such as hams, bacon, sausages and mortadella.
  • Fresh pork, such as loin, ribs, legs and chops.
  • Pork by-products, including pork skin, fat and bones.


The Mexican pork industry has experienced significant growth in recent decades. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that Mexico will produce 1.6 million tons of pork by 2024.

Among the largest pork-producing companies in Mexico are Grupo KUO, Grupo Bafar, Sigma Alimentos, and SuKarne.