Grupo KUO: its 42 competitors

Grupo KUO, a Mexican industrial conglomerate, ranked 42 of its main competitors, including Norson, La Costeña, Eaton and Gruma.

The company participates in various markets in each of its businesses, with leading products that seek to differentiate themselves in the market through added value.

However, in each industry, Grupo KUO competes with companies with large resources of capital, personnel, research and development, advertising investment, diversity in product lines and recognition of their brands.

Among the main competitors of its subsidiary GPM that have their production in Mexico are Granjas Carroll de México, Gena Agropecuaria, Proteína Animal (PROAN), Alpro Commercial Promoter (Norson of Smithfield) and Alimentos Kowi, among others.

In Herdez Del Fuerte, its main competitors for its brands in the domestic market are: ConAgra Foods, La Costeña, Unilever and Pescados Industrializados Pinsa.

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Grupo KUO, a Mexican industrial conglomerate, ranked 42 of its main competitors, including Norson, La Costeña, Eaton and Gruma.

In the United States, Grupo KUO’s main competitors are Gruma, Tostitos, Mission, Goya Foods and Yucatán, among others.

Likewise, its main domestic and foreign competitors in the transmission business are: ZF, Aisin, Getrag, US Gear, Allison, Graziano and Eaton, among other auto parts producers.

Grupo KUO

In the spare parts business, the company competes in the marketing of the different product lines with Federal Mogul Global Aftermarket, Prasa, Luk, Ruville, Fraco, Mahle, Midwest, Wagner, Raybestos, Autozone, Dana and low-price importers from countries Asians.

In turn, in the chemical business, Grupo KUO faces competition from foreign companies such as Kraton, Khumo Petrochemical, Arlanxeo, Lion Copolymer, Sibur, and Versalis; and in the Rubber Chemicals business, the company competes with companies such as Lanxess, Duslo, Sunsine and Kemai.

During the first quarter of 2022, the company’s revenues reached 14,916 million pesos, an increase of 19% year-on-year, which is mainly explained by the good performance of the businesses in the Chemical sector, followed by the Automotive sector.

It also highlighted Synthetic Rubber, which registered a better price level, especially in applications for the electrical and industrial segments, while Polymers registered higher prices and volume in applications, particularly in the construction and consumer segments, together with a better distribution of chemicals.

In the Automotive sector, higher sales of transmissions and components were observed in the Transmissions business, as well as better displacement of brake, engine and powertrain lines in the Spare Parts business.

Meanwhile, in the Consumer sector, the Pork business registered higher sales prices, while in Herdez Del Fuerte there was a higher level of prices and volume, mainly in the categories of tomato puree, vegetables and sauces in the domestic market, and guacamole and sauces in the United States.


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