Grupo KUO: investments in the swine industry

Grupo KUO invested US$500 million in the period 2016- 2022 to double the Pork business, as well as to develop new DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) variants.

It operates through operating subsidiaries, mainly Grupo Porcícola Mexicano and Comercializadora Porcícola Mexicana.

Its operations involve the production and sale of pork in various presentations. This business is the largest pork producer in Mexico, with domestic and export sales to Japan, South Korea and China mainly, as well as to the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Chile.

Grupo KUO markets its products under the Kekén and Kiniton brands (the latter brand is for the export market only).

As part of its investments, the company invested 751.9 million pesos in the consumer sector in 2022.

In the pork business, the main investments were made in the final stages of the reconstruction of the Sahé slaughterhouse, which will enable the company to take advantage of domestic and export markets; adjustments to the slaughterhouses and equipment renewal; adjustments to the Irapuato slaughterhouse to increase production capacity; recurring farm maintenance; and adjustments to the refrigeration and electrical systems at the Umán slaughterhouse.

Grupo KUO

In Herdez del Fuerte, investments were made for the maintenance of the distribution center located in Estado de México, integration of lines of sauces in carafes and in the Santa Rosa plant for tomato lines.

In the Chemicals sector, Grupo KUO invested 515.3 million pesos in 2022; in Synthetic Rubber, the main investments were made in the Altamira plants to adapt and increase capacity, start construction of a new synthetic rubber line in the Santander plant in Spain, and scheduled maintenance in different production lines.

In Polystyrene, the plant was upgraded to increase process safety, integration of the company’s own transportation lines, and maintenance of operating and service areas.

In the Automotive sector, the company invested 344.7 million in 2022; in Transmissions, the main investments were made in recreational car lines, line adaptations for the development of DCT transmission variants and a new line of transfer cases for 4X4 vehicles.

In Parts, the main investments were made to complete the move of the TF Victor plant to Celaya, the integration of a new piston line for the export market, and the relocation of ball-bearing lines in Mexico City.


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