Grupo KUO closes 47 Maxicarne stores in Mexico

Grupo KUO reported this Tuesday that it has closed 47 Maxicarne stores in Mexico from the end of 2019 to March 31, 2021.

The company operates through its operating subsidiaries, mainly Grupo Porcícola Mexicano and Comercializadora Porcícola Mexicana.

With operations that involve the production and sale of pork in various presentations, Grupo KUO’s Pork business is the largest producer of pork in Mexico.

At the national level, as a commercial strategy, the company has established points of sale under the Maxicarne brand, achieving greater proximity with end customers.

Since 2020, Grupo KUO began a downward trend, with the closure of 39 Maxicarne stores, and then stop operating another eight in the first quarter of 2021.

On the contrary, the company had maintained a constant growth in Maxicarne store openings, from 393 units in 2016 to 530 in 2019, its historical peak in this indicator.


The products of the Pork business are sold in the national and international markets, exporting mainly to eight countries.

As of today, the production of the Pork business is concentrated in the Southeast region of Mexico, where there are favorable sanitary conditions, since it is geographically isolated and in a zone free from the main pig diseases.

Similarly, Grupo KUO has processing plants in Guanajuato, Campeche and Yucatán.

The company has strengthened the niches where it has prestige and greater presence, creating value by positioning its leadership in the production and commercialization of pork cuts, as well as with the export of value-added products.

In the Maxicarne stores, pork products are sold under the “Kekén” brand, as well as chicken, beef and eggs.


On June 14, 2016, the company announced an investment of 350 million dollars in the 2016-2020 period in order to double the capacity of the Pork business.

During May 2018, the first phase of this project was inaugurated, which includes a processing plant, a balanced feed plant and a reproduction center. During 2019, the expansion project continued to double the business according to the original 2016-2020 plan.

In May 2018, the inauguration of the first phase of the investment project of the Pork business was carried out, which includes a processing plant, a balanced feed plant and a reproduction center.

The processing plant has one of the largest capacities of its kind in pork production in Mexico, helping to position the national industry at the forefront in terms of technological innovation and sustainability.

Likewise, the balanced feed plant, equipped with the best technology, produces balanced and pelleted feed, while the breeding center specializes in the selection and growth of breeders of high genetic value and health.


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