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Grupo Herdez: self-service chains, wholesale and price clubs

Grupo Herdez realized 44% of its sales in 2022 through self-service chains and price clubs such as Chedraui, La Comer, Soriana, Walmart and Sam’s.

At the same time, 38% of its sales were distributed through the traditional channel and wholesalers such as Abarrotes El Duero, Decasa, Grupo Sahuayo and Garis.

The company considers that there is no dependence on the main customers, since their share of revenues is similar to the market structure of the food industry.

Who is Grupo Herdez? It is a leader in the processed food sector, a participant in the cafeteria segment and one of the main participants in the ice cream category in Mexico, as well as the fastest growing company in the Mexican food category in the United States.

The distribution of the company’s products in Mexico is carried out through Compañía Herdez (until August 31, 2021, Compañía Comercial Herdez), which has a sales force of more than 1,800 people working in more than 5,000 points of sale for its customers.

The company also directly serves 70,000 points of sale for its impulse portfolio.

This is supported by 24 distribution centers.

Self-service chains

In the case of the institutional channel, Grupo Herdez operates through various distributors that reach end customers in different segments such as restaurant chains, casinos, institutional cafeterias, hospitals and hotels.

The key element that has allowed the growth of this channel since 2011 has been the attention to each type of customer based on segmentation and detection of their specific needs.

With the acquisition of Helados Nestlé, the company has more than 70,000 points of sale for the impulse segment, located mainly in the traditional channel, where 20% of sales are made.

Sales through Grupo Nutrisa stores are made through two store formats: company-owned stores (75%) and franchises (25%).

The modern channel and stores for the Impulso segment represent 61%, so there is no excessive dependence on one or several customers.

Nutrisa’s business strategy has been through the presence of stores in the main shopping centers in the most important cities of the Mexican Republic, which has meant an important development of the brand.

However, there has been a notable growth in stores located in the most important cities in the country, as well as the commercialization of hard ice cream in liter and half gallon in the self-service channel.


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