Grupo Herdez exports grow 23%

Exports of the Mexican processed food company Grupo Herdez grew at an interannual rate of 23% in 2020, to 2,005 million pesos.

The products that the company sells in this segment include the following canned and packaged foods: mayonnaise, chili peppers, mole, homemade sauces and nopalitos, mainly

Grupo Herdez is oriented to continue growing its presence in the Mexican market through product innovation in the categories where it participates.

Meanwhile, it pursues the generation of long-term relationships with its customers and consumers to provide them with a range of products according to their preferences and needs.

Likewise, it is taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the growing Mexican food market in the United States and other countries, to position itself as a leading supplier in the categories of authentic Mexican products.

Before, in 2019, the company’s exports increased 6.5% on the basis of 2018, to total 1,630 million pesos.

Grupo Herdez 

In Mexico, the main risks associated with the company’s strategy are related to the possibility of losing leadership in the processed products category.

For its part, Grupo Herdez’s strategy in the United States carries the risk of facing more emerging competitors in the increasingly active Mexican food category.

The Group and some of its Subsidiaries are part of contracts with partners for the manufacture or commercialization of products within or outside of Mexico.

To date, it has alliances with Barilla, Grupo Kuo, and McCormick.

On the other hand, the Group manufactures certain products in accordance with the license agreements of the Barilla, Blasón, Cielito Querido Café, Chi-Chi’s, Del Fuerte, Embasa, Helados Nestlé, La Victoria, McCormick, Moyo, Nutrisa and Yemina brands.

Likewise, the Group has entered into distribution contracts for the Frank’s, French’s, Kikkoman, Lavazza, and Reynolds products.

Mexican food

The company believes that these alliances represent an important complement to its business.

On the other hand, there is the risk that any of these alliances or any contract will not be renewed or terminated according to its own terms and conditions, in which case, there is the option of recovering the capital corresponding to its participation.

Grupo Herdez is a leader in the processed food sector and an important player in the ice cream category in Mexico, as well as being the fastest growing company in the Mexican food segment in the United States through Megamex.

It currently has a presence in 99% of Mexican homes through our broad portfolio of more than 1,500 products.

While its net sales were 24,036 million pesos in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%, its net profit amounted to 2,368 million pesos, an advance of 6.7 percent.

Of its total sales last year, 8% corresponded to exports. The volume of these external sales was 585,535 tons.


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