Grupo GICSA’s main tenants: Grupo Inditex, Cinemex and Grupo Axo

Among the tenants of Grupo GICSA, Grupo Inditex, Cinemex, Grupo Axo and Chubb stood out in 2020.

Ahead of all was Grupo Inditex (fashion), with 3.2% of the total percentage of monthly fixed income of Grupo GICSA.

Then they were placed: Cinemex (entertainment, 2.0% of the same indicator), Grupo Axo (fashion, 1.9%) and Chubb (insurance, 1.6 percent)

According to the company itself, Grupo GICSA has tenants of recognized prestige and financial capacity,

From a broader perspective, Grupo GICSA is a leading company in the development, investment, marketing and operation of shopping centers, corporate and mixed-use offices that are recognized for their high quality standards and that transform and create new development spaces , life and employment in Mexico, according to its historical trajectory and projects executed.

As of June 30, 2021, the company owned 17 income-generating properties, consisting of 11 shopping centers, five mixed-use properties (which include four shopping centers, four corporate offices, and one hotel), and one corporate office building. , with a total GLA of 965,534 m² and a Proportional GLA of 826,343 m².

Grupo Inditex and other clients

Overall, the company has a broad and diversified tenant base.

Grupo GICSA has tenants that include important anchor stores such as:

  • El Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, Sears, Cinépolis, Grupo Inditex, Grupo Axo and Alsea, among others.
  • Prestigious brands such as Zara, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Starbucks, Forever 21.
  • Important corporate clients with proven financial capacity for our offices.

The following table lists our main clients as of December 31, 2020:

As of December 31, 2020, none of its tenants represented more than 3.2% of our fixed income income.

Additionally, the company intends to continue diversifying its tenant base.

According to Grupo GICSA, diversification by industry of its tenants protects the company from low or unfavorable market cycles.

In addition, diversifying your clients allows you to generate stable and long-term cash flows in the form of monthly rental payments.


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