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Grupo Elektra’s business strategy

As part of its business strategy, Grupo Elektra focuses on the largest segment of the population that is neglected by traditional banking, which represents approximately 66% of families in Latin America.

Meanwhile, in the United States, it focuses on the average of the traditional North American population.

At the end of 2020, the company’s international operations represent 14% of its consolidated revenues.

Grupo Elektra is the leading financial services and specialized retail company in Latin America, aimed at socioeconomic levels C+, C, C- and D+.

In addition, it is the largest provider of short-term non-bank loans in the United States, aimed at the middle class of said country.

The company believes that it has established a leading brand and market position with respect to all of its principal products and services in Mexico.

Business Strategy

Elektra maintains a strategy of strong focus on the growth of its business, seeking opportunities to increase its sales and profitability by capitalizing on its leadership position marketing electronics, white goods, appliances, furniture, motorcycles, cell phones, computers and services in Mexico and Central America.

To do this, the company uses its distribution network and extensive customer base to offer them new banking and financial services and take advantage of new business opportunities.

In 2020, the company obtained positive results from the series of strategies and policies implemented since 2015, despite the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Positive results include maintaining delinquency rates that the company is comfortable with based on its nearly 70-year history of offering credit, continued solid growth in the loan portfolio, more profitable points of contact, increased presence in some specific areas of the country, improved distribution of contact points, renewed offer of categories and products on the sales floor, strict selection of investments based on higher returns and shorter terms, among others.

Other advantages

In addition, through the personal credit business, Grupo Elektra offers loans to its customers for various purposes, such as health, entertainment or to pay other financial obligations.

Grupo Elektra believes that some of its key advantages for the success of its business are extensive experience in credit granting and collection, a high-level technological operating platform, personalized services, and the social focus of its operations.

As of December 31, 2020, it operated 6,601 points of contact through its Elektra, Salinas y Rocha, Banco Azteca stores and PurposeFinancial branches in the United States; Of these, 5,172 are located in four Latin American countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama, and 1,429 PurposeFinancial branches are in the United States.

It already has 115 years of presence in the market with Salinas y Rocha and 71 years with Elektra.

Banco Azteca, the most important subsidiary of Grupo Elektra, is the largest bank in Mexico in terms of personal loan portfolio and coverage by number of points of contact with the client.

As of December 31, 2020, it had 2,648 contact points (of which 1,179 are located within its Elektra and Salinas y Rocha stores), accumulating 172,049 million pesos in traditional deposits, and a gross loan portfolio of 103,529 million pesos. .


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