Grupo Bimbo breaks record in capital investment

Grupo Bimbo executed capital investment projects in 2021 for an amount that reached the company’s historical maximum of 1,014 million dollars.

Of this total, 78% was allocated to value chain activities, including high-profit projects, expansion/growth and business continuity in manufacturing, logistics and sustainability; the rest of the investment was allocated to optimizing the distribution network and accelerating the digital transformation.

As part of this strategy of complementing, renewing and transforming assets, the company inaugurated two new production centers in Mexico (salty snacks) and China (pastries), in addition to 16 new and renovated production lines in nine countries.

In 2022, Grupo Bimbo plans to continue implementing solutions to achieve greater efficiency, reinforcing its leadership position and improving profitability through continuous investments in its employees, production centers, machinery and equipment.

Grupo Bimbo also hopes to take advantage of its capabilities as a leader in the growing fast food industry to be able to transfer technology and knowledge that will allow the company to become a producer with greater flexibility and agility.

Grupo Bimbo

Its goal is to achieve a spending culture that supports long-term growth and transformation through the best use of resources that are allocated to initiatives with high added value.

According to its own version, Grupo Bimbo is convinced that a culture of constant improvement, efficiency and effectiveness in its value chain is essential to continue promoting productivity, profitability and long-term vision, which result in the consolidation of its position as world leadership.

Similarly, an optimal cost structure is a key element to leverage resources, creating a solid and sustainable business model that allows the Group to strengthen its brands, products and processes and thus boost growth, financial and social impact results. .

Grupo Bimbo implements robust strategies to produce and distribute nutritious and delicious products, reducing the generation of waste and emissions, improving and simplifying its production and purchasing processes; all this with the purpose of operating the entire value chain in an agile, digital, innovative, flexible, sustainable, consumer-oriented manner and offering products of the highest value and superior quality.


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