Grupo Bafar’s main competitors in food and real estate

The main competitors of Grupo Bafar in its segment of food products are Sigma Alimentos, a subsidiary of Grupo Alfa, through its main brands Fud, San Rafael and Chimex, and Qualitia Alimentos, with its brands Kir and Zwan.

In short, Grupo Bafar is one of the main food companies in Mexico; integrated from the industrialization, distribution and commercialization of food with a solid participation in the national and international market and backed by 35 years of experience.

On the other hand, its competitors in the commercial space are SuKarne stores for Grupo Viz and RYC stores for BIF, Gran Bodega for La Pastora stores, MaxiCarne stores for CarneMart, Super González for Casa Hernández.

In addition to competing with big name brands, it competes with smaller brands, local producers, and other companies.

More than anything, the company competes on the basis of product quality, innovation, brand recognition and loyalty, the effectiveness of marketing, advertising and promotional activity, the ability to identify and satisfy consumer preferences. and offer competitive prices.

Grupo Bafar 

The industry and the participants in the animal protein market have been evolving and adapting to the new demands of its consumers.

According to the company, organic growth and various acquisitions in the industry are recurring practices of competitors aimed at developing new and better products that in turn have a differentiator compared to their competition.

In recent years, the weight of value-added meat products has increased in the market.

As a result, Grupo Bafar has carried out acquisitions of value-added product brands, as well as the development of new and better products to stay competitive and position itself as one of the leaders in the sector.

Restaurants and food

While the retail store sector in Mexico appears very fragmented, the participation of players in the industry amounts to significant numbers, with SuKarne and Kekén being the largest competitors.

In response to this, Grupo Barfar connects with an important neglected niche that is all those institutional players (restaurants and small food businesses).

Likewise, the company is positioned as a leader in this segment, focusing efforts to serve most of the Foodservice niche, neglected by other players in the market.

According to the company itself, this differentiator gives the retail division a competitive advantage over the main players in the market.

Real estate

In recent years, the real estate sector has had significant dynamism in Mexico, growing at a faster rate than leading countries in this sector such as the United States.

Derived from this growth, very favorable scenarios have been presented for making strategic investments.

Despite the great growth of Grupo Bafar’s Real Estate Division, the real estate sector is very competitive.

Its competition is Fibras with assets in national territory, which are mainly dedicated to the industrial, educational and commercial sectors.

Examples: Fibra Monterrey, Fibra Prologis, Macquarie, Fibra UNO and Terrafina.

Financial division and Grupo Bafar

Grupo Bafar operates in a competitive sector at a regional level in the State of Chihuahua, the main competition being Sofomes established in the City of Chihuahua and Ciudad Cuauhtémoc; areas where its main clients are located.

Factor GFC Global and Maxicredito in the City of Chihuahua stand out. There they compete mainly in loans directed to companies and consumer loans.

In Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, the main competitors are Dispersora de Crédito Cuauhtémoc and Edifica, especially in business loans from the agro-industrial sector.


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