Grupo Bafar: its 11 main suppliers

Grupo Bafar has strategic alliances with its suppliers of inputs both in Mexico and abroad, this with the objective of being able to ensure the necessary supply for its production, control the quality of the products and be able to manage the costs of the raw material.

The wide network of suppliers and large purchase volume allows you to seek better commercial conditions in the different markets where your raw materials are produced, so you do not have a dependency on one or more specific suppliers.

In summary, Grupo Bafar is one of the leading producers and marketers in Mexico of animal protein products, including cold cuts, packaged meat, precooked food, cuts of meat, and value-added lines (chicken, pork, beef and fish products. with an additional process such as: breaded, stuffed, marinated, portioned and cubed).

Furthermore, the company produces and uses its distribution network to market prepared meals, pasta salads, as well as bread, dairy products and other complementary products in Mexico.

Grupo Bafar  and its suppliers

  1. Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. in beef and pork products.
  2. Swift Beef Company in beef products.
  3. Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation in beef products.
  4. Sanderson Farms Inc. in poultry meat products.
  5. Grupo Industrial Cuadritos Biotek in dairy.
  6. Grove Services Inc. in poultry meat products.
  7. Smithfield Farmland Sales Corp. in pork meat products.
  8. McCain México, S.A de C.V. in food.
  9. Schreiber de México, S.A. de C.V. in dairy.
  10. Viscofan de México, S. de R.L. de C.V. in packaging.
  11. McCormick Pesa, S.A. de C.V. in condiments.


Grupo Bafar maintains commercial relationships with third-party suppliers that supply more than 200,000 tons of beef, pork, chicken, turkey and other raw materials used to produce animal protein products, an amount that represents 100% of its total production.

Similarly, 100% of its dairy production comes from third parties. The main supplier varies depending on the format of the store it is supplying to, depending largely on the product mix.

Also the packaging, containers and condiments come from local and international suppliers.

Grupo Bafar uses a wide variety of materials to pack its products and packaging technology allows it to produce precooked foods with a fresher taste and improve the shelf life of its products, without sacrificing quality.

Packaging prices fluctuate according to international markets. However, historically they have been more stable. Some packages are classified according to the type of product.

Grupo Bafar

The products that are sold in large presentations for Own Stores and wholesale of beef, pork, poultry and organ meats come in frozen boxes with Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology; which is used in the food processing industry and allows the freezing process to be carried out in just a couple of minutes.

Short freezing prevents the formation of large ice crystals in the product cells and as a consequence, the product maintains its shape, color, odor and taste after thawing.

Likewise, the IQF technology allows to maintain the integrity of the box and to prevent the individual pieces from sticking together and there is no leakage, keeping the product completely dry.


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