Grupo Bafar increases its sales 67.6% in a five-year period

Grupo Bafar registered a cumulative increase of 67.6% in its net sales in the five-year period that ended in 2020, to 16,272 million pesos.

At first, the company focused solely on serving the consumer segment; however, over the years the operation was refined and evolved to encompass new areas of opportunity in the market.

As this expansion progressed, Grupo Bafar created new subdivisions, including Food, Bafar Alimentos (which consolidates retail, consumer and international activity), real estate (Fibra Nova), financial (Vextor Activo) and Agriculture.

Grupo Bafar

Here is a brief description of these main segments:

Bafar Food

The new division encompasses the retail operations, consumer products, research and development, production and exports that the Bafar Group had been developing, in order to create greater synergies.


Operation in charge of the sale of animal protein and different derived meat products, distributed through wholesale and an own network of stores of the CarneMart, La Pastora, BIF and Casa Hernández chains,

In it, continuous research is maintained to align products to the tastes and preferences of the target consumers.

Since 2017, this activity has grown exponentially in the Bafar Group, with the acquisition of La Pastora, one of the most important stores in the states of Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Mexico, and the brands and assets of Frontier Foods, located in El Paso, Texas.

Consumer products

In the opinion of the company itself, it is a dynamic and profitable portfolio of brands that today cover all segments of the cold meat and dairy market, across all different socioeconomic levels.

It produces and distributes 23 own brands, among which are Parma, Sabori, Bafar, Burr, Ponderosa, Dixie Farm, Pery, All American, among others.


It already has an extensive catalog of products in different ranges of quality and price, mainly focused on the Hispanic market in the United States.

It also has the Valley Super Market chains, acquired in 2018.

Financial Division (Vextor)

The subsidiary Vextor Activo, Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Múltiple, Entidad No Regulata (SOFOM E.N.R.) was created in 2008 with the aim of providing support in carrying out financial operations to the rest of the Group’s subsidiaries.

In general, it is dedicated to meeting the credit needs of employees, supporting suppliers through financial factoring, as well as offering business credit solutions to the open market in a flexible and differentiated manner in the commercial, agricultural and service sectors.

Real Estate Division (Fibra Nova)

In order to group the Group’s real estate activity, in 2017, the Real Estate Investment Trust (FIBRA) F/2870, known as Fibra Nova, was set up under the ticker «FNOVA» on the Mexican Stock Exchange. .

Its objective is to manage and generate income by leasing properties around Mexico.

Agricultural Division

Project for the development of agricultural portions of land as a complement to the other divisions; in this, products such as corn and walnuts are worked.

Grupo Bafar’s Board of Directors is made up of 14 members (all owners) and a secretary, of which 57.14% comply with the “independent” sign, made up of the following:

  • Oscar Eugenio Baeza Fares.
  • Guillermo Baeza Fares.
  • Eugenio Baeza Montes.
  • Oscar Francisco Cazares Elias.
  • Carlos Antonio Carbajal Lettuce.
  • Salvador Alvarez Valdes.
  • Ricardo Davila Quinones.
  • Herminio Padruno Santos.
  • Jorge Alberto Baeza Fares.
  • Walter Eldo Burr Bareño.
  • Walter Eldo Burr Valenzuela.
  • Alfonso Rodríguez Arellano.
  • Oscar Sepúlveda Marquez.
  • Javier Leonardo Webb Moreno.


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