Gruma increases its production capacity in the U.S.

Gruma increased its production capacity in the United States from 1.9 million tons in 2022 to 2 million tons in 2023.

However, the company reduced its average capacity utilization from 85% in 2022 to 83% in 2023.

Founded in 1949 by Roberto González Barrera in Mexico, Gruma produces corn flour, tortillas, and corn snacks, among other products.

The company derives more than 70% of its value from a dominant position in U.S. tortillas and corn flour (in particular, the Mission and Maseca brands).

From 2021 to 2023, it invested US$395 million in the United States, mainly for the construction of a new plant.

Also part of its capital spending was directed to capacity expansions and general production and technology upgrades. 


During the last three years, Gruma purchased the Olympic plant building, expanded the Dallas plant, and reopened the Omaha plant. 

In addition, the company completed construction of the new Indianapolis, Indiana, plant and acquired adjoining land. 

The United States is a strategic market for Gruma because of its high demand for corn products, driven by the growing Hispanic population and the expansion of Mexican food.

Going forward, the company plans to invest US$110 million in the United States by 2024.

This budget is programmed to continue to increase capacity at the new tortilla plant in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The remainder will be spent for the continuation of wastewater treatment improvements at the corn flour plants and for various manufacturing and technology improvements. 

Additionally, flour silos were added at the Plainview plant and non-GMO silos at the Amarillo plant, and land was purchased at the Madera plant.

Mission Foods

The average size of Gruma’s plants was 14,275 square meters at year-end 2023. 

Mission Foods, a division of Gruma USA, distributes its products primarily through independent distributors, who supply tortillas and related products directly to retail chains.

This division has 21 tortilla and related products plants in various parts of the United States.