GICSA plans to install photovoltaic panels in Grand Outlet Riviera Maya

GICSA, a Mexican company dedicated to real estate development, plans to install photovoltaic panels in Grand Outlet Riviera Maya.

For now, its developments in Paseo Querétaro, Explanada Puebla, Explanada Pachuca and Explanada Culiacán have photovoltaic systems on site using renewable energy in the building.

To save energy, the company has implemented a BMS (Building Management System) system, which monitors and controls services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Chillers), pumps and cooling towers, so that operation is guaranteed at maximum levels efficiency and savings.

The energy saving plan includes the power-up sequence based on the areas with the greatest natural source of light.

It also includes the substitution of traditional luminaires for LED luminaires (PL 2x26w indoor incandescent luminaire for a 18w LED screen luminaire, 105w indoor fluorescent luminaire for 55w led, 75w fluorescent luminaire for 36w led tube, T8, 6500 ° K).

Finally, the savings plan also includes lighting sensors in corridors, private and toilets, air conditioning programming, biodegradable supplies for air conditioning and cleaning and use of multifunctional equipment with savings mode, in addition to the BMS system for air conditioning automation, control temperature, switching the equipment on and off at a specific time to control and improve the consumption of electrical energy.


The company complies with the Equator Principles on Merida Island. These principles classify and evaluate it in the social and environmental areas, supervising compliance with the required performance standards and the stipulated norms. Such as the control of emissions and air quality, the use of water and energy, the management of materials and waste, noise, soil, hygiene, safety, health, management and prevention of risks and emergencies.

By complying with the Equator Principles, GICSA is complying with and respecting environmental laws that are based on all processes from land acquisition and construction to operation and administration; supervising the project in general.


From its current portfolio, Paseo Interlomas is LEED Gold certified, and Lomas Altas and Masaryk 169 are in the certification process.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification constitutes the international benchmark in the design, construction and operation of buildings with sustainability criteria, resulting in high-efficiency buildings.

Likewise, certification is obtained in accordance with compliance with sustainability standards recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council.

On the other hand, the properties are supervised and evaluated on criteria in the design, location and accessibility of the property, characteristics of the site, consumption of materials, energy and water, the quality of the air inside the property and the promotion of sustainable practices in the users.

Additionally, in 2005 GICSA built the HSBC Tower, which was one of the first office buildings in Mexico to obtain LEED Gold Certification.


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