General Motors leads car exports in Mexico

General Motors led auto exports in Mexico from January to May 2021, with a total of 243,509 units.

At an annual rate, this volume implied an increase of 21.7%, informed the Inegi.

After General Motors, Nissan was located, with 183,503 light vehicles exported, 69.4% more than in the same period of 2020.

Overall, the Covid-19 pandemic and government actions and measures taken to prevent its spread continue to affect automotive operations around the world.

Government-imposed restrictions on business, operations and travel and related economic uncertainty have impacted demand for vehicles in most global markets.

For General Motors, the extent of the pandemic’s impact on future operations in the sector will depend, among other things, on the duration and severity of the subsequent outbreak or outbreaks, related government responses, such as required physical distancing or restrictions on operations. trade and travel, the pace of recovery of economic activity, the impact on consumers, the effectiveness of available vaccines and any potential supply disruptions.

General Motors

Among the main exporters from Mexico, Stellantis (integrates the Chrysler and Fiat brands as of May) was placed in third position, with 143,538 units and an annual increase of 7.3%.

In sum, Mexico’s light vehicle exports totaled 1 million 170,243 units from January to May 2021, an increase of 37.1% year-on-year.

In recent years, the country has evolved from its initial approach to maquila to become a powerhouse in the global automotive industry, creating new opportunities for national and international suppliers of components and services that contributed to the rapid development of this sector.

Also in all of 2020, General Motors occupied the first position among the largest exporters of light vehicles from Mexico, with 682,217 units, a contraction of 17.6% annually.

All companies exported 2 million 681,806 light vehicles from Mexico in 2020, a drop of 20.9% year-on-year.