Fresh del Monte Produce grows in Asia

Fresh del Monte Produce generated 12% of its net sales in Asia in 2021, an increase compared to 11% in 2020 and 10% in 2019.

The company distributes its products in Asia through direct marketing and large distributors.

Its main markets in this region are Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong.

In Japan, Fresh del Monte Produce distributed 100% of the products it sold in 2021 through its own direct sales and marketing organization, and operated three fresh-cut plants (the processing of clean, sliced ​​and packaged fresh fruits and vegetables for consumption).

The company’s products are distributed from four distribution centers located in strategic ports in Japan, which include cold storage.

While the company engages in direct sales and marketing activities in South Korea and Hong Kong, in other Asian markets, including mainland China, it sells to local distributors.

The company has a distribution center and a banana ripening plant in Hong Kong. In South Korea, it has three distribution centers that use state-of-the-art ripening technology, increasing our ability to offer value-added services to its customers.

Also in South Korea, it operates a fresh-cut fruit and vegetable facility, from which it supplies major foodservice customers.

Fresh del Monte Produce

The company is the leading marketer of fresh pineapples in the United States and a leading marketer in other markets around the world, based on internally generated data.

Its net pineapple sales in 2021 were mainly concentrated in North America (representing 59% of its total sales), followed by Europe (21%), Asia (14%) and the Middle East (6%).

On the other hand, bananas are the leading fresh fruit in international trade in terms of volume and dollar sales and one of the best-selling fresh fruits in the United States.

According to a 2021 publication by The Packer, bananas were the most popular item in the produce department, purchased by 65% ​​of US consumers over the past 12 months.

Fresh del Monte Produce is the third largest marketer of bananas in the United States and a leading marketer in other markets around the world.

Its net banana sales in 2021 were mainly concentrated in North America (accounting for 51% of its total sales), followed by Asia (21%), Europe (18%) and the Middle East (10%).


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