Ford wants to lead electric cars in North America

Over the next two years, Ford aims to emerge as the No. 2 maker of electric vehicles in North America and then challenge the No. 1 spot as its investments in battery and electric vehicle manufacturing get underway.

Within 24 months, according to its own forecast, Ford will have the global capacity to produce 600,000 electric vehicles a year.

The F-150 Lightning pickup is a cornerstone of the more than $50 billion Ford is investing in electric vehicles globally through 2026.

The F-150 Lightning is a cornerstone of the more than $50 billion Ford is investing in electric vehicles globally through 2026.

And the strategy is working, according to the company: Customer bookings approaching 200,000 for the F-150 Lightning demonstrate an appetite for an electric pickup.

This truck attracts new customer interest at a record rate in North America, with more than 75% of new reservation holders coming to the Ford brand.

To meet high customer demand, Ford plans to nearly double production to 150,000 trucks by mid-2023.


«The reality is clear: People are ready for an all-electric F-150 and Ford is doing everything it can to scale our operations and increase production capacity,» said Kumar Galhotra, president of The Americas & International Markets for the company.

The F-150 Lightning pickup will be built at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, the same factory in Dearborn, Michigan where Henry Ford invented the assembly line and changed the world.

And when it comes online in 2025, Ford’s new BlueOval City plant in Tennessee will be a source of technical innovation to build next-generation F-Series electric trucks.

From the company’s perspective, BlueOval City will be among the largest automobile manufacturing campuses in US history.

Like the iconic Rouge complex in Michigan a century before, BlueOval City will usher in a new era for American manufacturing, helping to create its vision of an ultra-efficient, carbon-neutral manufacturing system, one that creates positive impacts. on people and the environment.

Ford stated that it is committed to leading the electric vehicle revolution and bringing it to scale.


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