Flights are safer than transport by train and bus: IATA

Commercial airline flights are safer in relation to Covid-19 than transport by train and bus, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) stated.

“There have been millions of flights since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. And there are very few reported incidents where transmission is suspected on board,” IATA said in a statement.

According to IATA, the risk of on-board transmission of the virus is low compared to other indoor public settings such as trains, buses, restaurants, and workplaces.

“There are published examples that indicate a much higher risk in these settings. Aircraft benefit from very high air exchange rates and HEPA filters, which filter more than 99.99% of all particles, including viruses,” IATA argued.

The Organization stated that it is aware of the specific incidents in the flights studied (from London to Hanoi and from Boston to Hong Kong), as well as other flights in which a secondary transmission has potentially occurred on board the flight.

IATA references inflight transmission incidents in its medical evidence for possible strategies to assist the industry in its efforts to maintain a safe flight.

In addition, the two flights studied took place in March and many have been carried out since then.


In particular, face masks and face coverings are now common practice during commutes and other settings where social distancing is not possible.

And in June, the ICAO “take-off” guidelines for safe operations during the Covid-19 crisis were agreed and are being implemented by governments.

While the risk of transmission on an airplane is low, passengers can take extra precautions to further reduce the risk.

Following the instructions for wearing a mask or covering your face provides significant protection for everyone on board.

Passengers are also encouraged to practice good hand hygiene: wash their hands regularly with soap an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth, especially after contact with touching surfaces. Commonly.



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