Fleet transport: opportunity for trunking or trunking radio

Of interest to the fleet transport, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico will tender specialized radio communication services in 2021.

In this way, the tender will expand the spectral availability for specialized fleet radio communication services (such as trunking or trunking).

Consequently, the tender will enable those interested to have radio spectrum to provide radio communication services that meet specific needs and applications of an industrial, commercial and private nature.

More specifically, as anticipated by the IFT, the purpose of this tender is to concession the use, exploitation and commercial exploitation of 10 MHz of radioelectric spectrum available in the frequency band 410-415 / 420-425 MHz, included in the Annual Use Program and Use of Frequency Bands (PABF) 2020, in different geographical areas of Mexico.

The aim is to provide specialized fleet mobile radio communication services for a period of 20 years.

Based on the analysis of the frequency band and the definition of the allocation mechanism, the draft bidding rules will be prepared and submitted to public consultation in order to make the process transparent and specify the terms and conditions under which the bid will be developed. public tender.


Then, taking into account the opinions, considerations and proposals of the interested parties, the call and the bidding conditions will be prepared and presented for consideration by the Plenary of the Federal Telecommunications Institute for approval and publication; as well as the delivery of the certificates of participation and the issuance of the verdict.

Constitutional reform

Mexico carried out a major reform of its telecommunications and broadcasting sector in order to improve competition in the sector to reduce prices and improve service quality.

To implement the reform, a new telecommunications law was enacted and the IFT was created as a regulatory entity.

As a result of the reform, restrictions on foreign direct investment (FDI), which can currently reach 100% in fixed telephony and satellite communications, were eliminated, previously subject to a maximum percentage of 49%.

In addition, in the broadcasting sector, the reservation for Mexican individuals and Mexican companies with a foreigner exclusion clause was eliminated; currently FDI is allowed up to 49% (subject to the principle of reciprocity).

A new concession regime was also introduced that confers the right to provide all types of public telecommunications services; previously a concession per type of service was required.