FIBRA Macquarie will build an industrial park in Nuevo León

FIBRA Macquarie began the construction and development of a new industrial park located southeast of Apodaca, Nuevo León, in Mexico.

The work will be within a property with a total area of ​​21 hectares.

Broadly speaking, this development comprises the construction of five industrial buildings with a gross profitable area of ​​73,000 square meters.

The new industrial park will have an investment of 940 million pesos and will generate 1,100 new direct jobs in the municipality and 700 additional jobs indirectly for the area.

Likewise, the industrial park will house the new MTY042 building and is part of FIBRAMQ’s strategy to continue increasing its industrial portfolio by investing in class “A” assets in the most dynamic industrial markets in the country.

Industrial park

The work will be carried out with strict adherence to the highest construction standards, as well as under the specifications that make sustainability a priority, by using the LEED methodology, developed by the US Green Building Council as a standard for energy efficiency in both building construction processes, as in their operation.

For now, the first stage development includes the construction of MTY042, a building of around 17,000 m2 (183,000 square feet) of profitable gross area.

FIBRA Macquarie México is a real estate investment trust, or FIBRA, listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, specializing in industrial, commercial and office opportunities in Mexico, with a primary focus on stabilized and income-generating properties.

The company‘s portfolio consists of 236 industrial properties and 17 commercial/office properties located in 20 cities in 16 states of the Mexican Republic, as of July 26, 2018. Nine of the commercial properties are part of a 50 percent joint venture.

“This project meets our long-term goals to develop Class A properties in FIBRA Macquarie’s core markets, and we know this project represents an important milestone in our industrial development program,” said Juan Monroy, CEO of FIBRA Macquarie, in a press release.


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