Fertilizers: contract between Gas y Petroquímica de Occidente and CFEnergía

In furtherance of its natural gas commercialization objectives, CFEnergía renegotiated and signed a 15-year contract with Gas y Petroquímica de Occidente for a fertilizer plant in Topolobampo, Sinaloa.

The Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) retains exclusive operation of Mexico‘s electricity transmission (and distribution) network and, as such, imports and exports of electricity.

The referred contract will start in 2026, with an estimated revenue of US$2,181 million, of which around US$367 million correspond to the recovery of natural gas pipeline transportation costs.

In comparison with the original terms granted by the previous administration, the renegotiation will mean an increase in income of more than 22%, according to the CFE.

Gas y Petroquímica de Occidente

The CFE considered this as an outstanding episode in the task of recovering favorable conditions for this state-owned productive company.

In continuity with a measure taken in 2020, which was to create the CFEnergía Marketing Department, the subsidiary formalized in 2022 the signing of 28 contracts with 11 different clients.

The new contracts represent 297 million cubic feet per day (MMcfd), which is equivalent to the average daily consumption during one month of large thermoelectric plants such as the combined consumption of Tula, Valle de México, Dos Bocas and Mérida III.

Annual revenues from contracts signed with third-party customers are approximately US$433 million.

In general, in Mexico, electricity transmission (and distribution) tariffs are regulated.

State-owned companies

Only Pemex and CFE are the state-owned companies that have a regulatory framework different from that governing public procurement for the rest of the Federal Public Administration; however, these legal instruments do not contain procedures different from the Public Sector Procurement, Leasing and Services Law or the Public Works and Related Services Law.

The State has full control (100%) of Pemex, the CFE and its subsidiaries.

Pemex has three subsidiaries and CFE has 10.

In 2019, CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para todos, a new subsidiary, was created.

In addition to these two companies, in 2021 the State controlled 64 companies operating in various sectors, mainly in the services sector.


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