FCC conquers Texas with environmental services

The Spanish construction company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) dominates environmental services in Texas (United States), where it is the largest recycler.

At an international level, in the field of environmental services, the company stands out for its growth in the United States, where sales growth in 2021 compared to the previous year was 49% and is expected to be even higher for 2022.

What does its environmental services cover? Services related to urban sanitation, industrial waste treatment, conservation of green areas, including both the construction and operation of treatment plants, and the energy recovery of waste.

FCC is already among the Top 15 companies in the sector in the United States, with expectations of being in the Top 10 in the next two years.

For now, FCC Environmental Services provides services to more than 8.5 million Americans and has a very important presence in Florida and in cities as relevant as Orlando, Tampa, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Lakeland or Wellington.

There the growth continues to be exponential and the company employs more than 1,000 people.


The last month of 2021, the company saw the start of the Wellington contract and in the first month of 2022 the Hillsborough County contract started, both in Florida.

Also, in December 2021, the company closed the Group’s first acquisition in the US market with the purchase of Premier Waste Services, Llc. in Dallas (Texas).

Premier is one of the main commercial waste collection operators in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, which will serve to further enhance the Group’s significant growth in the commercial collection market, which will already account for more than 10% of income in 2022, in addition to providing significant synergies to the recycling plant that the Group has in the Texas city.

As for Spain, the company provides environmental services in more than 3,500 municipalities and organizations in all the Autonomous Communities, serving a population of more than 31 million inhabitants.

Among the different services provided in this sector, garbage collection and street cleaning activities stand out, accounting for 48% of turnover.

Following in order of relevance is the treatment and disposal of waste (33%), cleaning and maintenance of buildings, parks and gardens and, to a lesser extent, sewage. Regarding the type of client, more than 86% of the activity is carried out with public clients.


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