Exports in truck transport fall 19.2% between Mexico and the US

Exports in trucking between Mexico and the United States registered a year-on-year fall of 19.2% in the first half of 2020, to 174.934 million dollars, according to data from the Department of Transportation.

On the one hand, exports in trucking from Mexico to the United States totaled 106,318 million dollars, a decrease of 17.2% at the annual rate.

Conversely, trucking exports from the United States to Mexico totaled 68.616 million dollars, a reduction of 22.2 percent.

Among the large trucking companies in the United States are: UPS Inc., FedEx Corp., XPO Logistics, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Schneider, YRC Worldwide, Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, Old Dominion Freight Line, Landstar System, and Ryder Supply Chain Solutions.

According to the J. B. Hunt company, the Covid-19 pandemic has created and may continue to create significant uncertainty in macroeconomic conditions, which may cause a global economic recession, slowdown or closure of businesses, depressed demand for its transportation businesses, and logistics and an adverse impact on its results of operations.

During the six months ended June 30, this company faced growing uncertainties regarding its estimates of credit losses on its accounts receivable and goodwill and intangible assets.

J. B. Hunt expects the uncertainties around its key accounting estimates to continue to evolve based on the duration and degree of impact associated with the pandemic.

Exports in truck transport

Among the Mexican transport companies, the following stand out: Alianza Trayecto, Grupo Traxion, Transportes Castores de Baja California, Autotransportes de Freight Tres Guerras, Grupo TUM, Fletes México, Transportes Marva, Transportes Monroy Schiavon, Corporativo UNNE, Transportes Internacionales Tamaulipecos, and Grupo HG Transportaciones .

Exports in trucking between the two countries represented 72% of the value of flows by all means of transport.

In a disaggregated manner, exports in trucking from Mexico to the United States comprised 60.8% and, on the contrary, the remaining 39.2 percent.


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