Export guide from Mexico to Canada: How to identify buyers?

As part of the Export Guide from Mexico to Canada, the Ministry of Economy answers the question: How to identify buyers?

Above all, the buyer identification process is a fundamental element to position your product in the Canadian market.

A first step is to define the buyer’s profile for identification based on the selection of distribution channels that are strategically convenient for the exporter.

That is, direct sales through wholesale agents or distributors; chain stores or e-commerce.

The strategic selection of distribution channels will depend on the size of the exporter’s company, either by the available working capital and the type of product.

For the Ministry of Economy, it is different to work with a supermarket chain with high costs of promoting the product and handling possible returns, than through a wholesale distributor that assumes distribution risks.

Both actions require investment, but the amount of each is different.


The Ministry of Economy promotes various training events aimed at SMEs.

You can check these events through the MIPyMES.MX platform:

Additionally, as exporters they can participate in business conferences or trade missions where they will have the opportunity to be part of:

  • B2B (Business to Business): Business-to-business meetings. The exporting company presents its products or services to a potential importer / distributor.
  • B2C (Business to Client): Company meetings with direct potential clients. The exporting company presents its products or services directly to the potential client.
  • B2G (Business to Government): The exporting company presents products or services that it can offer to government entities.


The Ministry of Economy in conjunction with various authorities holds virtual events, in which you can participate and schedule meetings to present your products.

Also, companies can identify events to participate in these types of meetings.

It is important to take into account that several months may pass between the initial contact with the customer and the first order or order.

Likewise, an adequate follow-up must be given through the exchange of information, the sending of samples of their products and the clarification of doubts and questions.

All this must be delivered in a timely manner.

When looking for potential buyers in Canada, it is important to take into account the need to have international certifications such as Global Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) for agribusiness or ISO 9001 for the automotive industry, among others.

Buyers on various occasions have these certifications in their operation, so they require suppliers that guarantee the same quality and health standards that they have.

In addition, it must be considered that in the identification of buyers from different provinces there are inter-provincial trade requirements 18 that the exporter must comply with. These are based on territorial laws, as is the case in the province of Quebec, where suppliers are required to label the French language.


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