EU sets countervailing duties on forged steel manufactures from 4 countries

The United States Department of Commerce (DOC) imposed quotas on imports of certain forged steel products originating in four countries.

Specifically, DOC announced affirmative final determinations in the anti-dumping duty investigations of German and Italian wrought steel fluid terminal blocks, and affirmative final determinations in the China, Germany, India and China fluid end block CVD investigations. Italy.

The DOC also announced a negative determination in India’s fluid terminal block anti-dumping investigation.

In particular, the DOC determined that exporters in Germany and Italy have dumped fluid terminal blocks into the United States at rates ranging from 3.82 to 70.84% ​​and 0.00 to 58.48%, respectively.

In addition, the Commerce Department determined that exporters from China, Germany, India, and Italy received countervailing subsidies at the following rates:

  • 16.80 to 337.07 percent for China.
  • 5.86 to 14.81 percent for Germany.
  • 5.20 percent for India.
  • 3.12 to 44.86 percent for Italy.

The petitioners estimate that the value of imports in 2018 from China, Germany, India and Italy was approximately 17.8 million, 23.3 million, 44.4 million and 46.4 million, respectively.


The petitioners are FEB Fair Trade Coalition (Cleveland, OH), Ellwood City Forge Company, Ellwood Quality Steels Company, and Ellwood National Steel Company (collectively, Ellwood Group) (Ellwood City, PA) and A. Finkl & Sons (Finkl Steel) ( Chicago, IL).

The International Trade Commission (ITC) is currently scheduled to make its final damage determinations on or about January 21, 2021.

If the ITC makes affirmative final injury determinations, the Commerce Department will issue anti-dumping and countervailing orders.

If the ITC makes negative final determinations of harm, the investigations will be terminated and no warrants will be issued.


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