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Dog and cat food exports from Mexico rise 15%

Mexican exports of dog and cat food from Mexico rose 15% in 2020, to $ 69.7 million.

In general, in this market niche, consumers are increasingly buying fresh, natural and organic food products.

Also, according to the Freshpet company, consumers are looking for simple, fresh and easy-to-understand food products from brands they trust and made with ingredients of transparent origin.

Dog and cat food exports have climbed from $ 46.3 million in 2018.

Among the largest destinations for these external sales in 2020 were the United States (16 million dollars), Guatemala (12 million), Costa Rica (12 million), El Salvador (6 million) and Panama (5 million).

Dog and cat food

The pet food purchase decision is based on greater brand loyalty than many other consumer packaged product categories.

A consumer selecting a brand of pet food resists frequent changes to avoid disrupting the pet’s diet, resulting in repeated shopping behavior.

As a result, Freshpet believes that as consumers try fresh and chilled pet food, they are likely to become regular users of the product.

Conversely, imports of pet food to Mexico have escalated in recent years.

After reaching $ 105.5 million in 2018, cat and dog food imports totaled $ 122.1 million in 2019.

The United States accounted for 101 million dollars of 2020 imports; from Canada, 16 million, and from France, 5 million.

In North America, industry companies actively support their brands through marketing, advertising, promotional spending, and discounts.

Competitive factors in the pet food industry include product quality, ingredients, brand awareness and loyalty, product variety, product design and packaging, reputation, price, advertising, promotion and nutritional claims.


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