Data México: the mega data platform launched by Inegi and the SE

The Inegi and the Ministry of the Economy launched the Digital Data Mexico project on Tuesday.

Data México allows the integration, visualization and analysis of public data to promote innovation, inclusion and diversification of the Mexican economy.

The platform facilitates the exploration of Mexico through economic, social and occupational data through customizable interactive visualizations.

In the short term, Data México helps an in-depth look at the spread of Covid-19 in Mexico through data and visualizations updated daily.

Likewise, it allows knowing the level of industrial and economic development in Mexico, at multiple geographical levels, through customizable parameters.

Data Mexico

The platform has the collaboration of Datawheel; It will not require a budget item, although it does require the participation of officials to help develop it.

The platform was launched this Tuesday by Julio Santaella, general director of the Inegi, and Graciela Márquez, secretary of Economy.

Data México consists of a three-year collaboration between the Ministry of the Economy and Datawheel for the creation of a digital tool for data analysis and visualization, the promotion of technical and scientific capacities in the use of data for decision-making and the diffusion of technological tools.

Another component is the creation of a research node where, jointly, the academy, the private sector and society in general use this tool and the new instruments that Data Science has generated to formulate the most pressing questions about the economic development of Mexico and provide the answers to build the foundations for prosperity and well-being in the country.



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