Customs trust (Fidemica) increases its assets 28.7%

A customs trust (Fidemica) increased its assets 28.7% from January to September 2020 at a year-on-year rate, reported the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

With this, the total assets of the Trust for the Program for the Improvement of Information Technology and Control Means of Customs Authorities (Fidemica) amounted to 1,759.5 million pesos.

Regarding the flow of Fidemica, this closed the period at 1,758.6 million pesos, an increase of 28.7 percent.

In Mexico, the operation of customs procedures is based on a computerized customs management system (SAAI). This system allows the electronic exchange of information between the AGA, the 49 customs ports of Mexico, customs agents, warehouses and banking institutions authorized to collect duties related to foreign trade.


It is a public trust contemplated in article 9 of the Federal Budget and Fiscal Responsibility Law.

In general, public trusts are those established by the Federal Government, through the SHCP in its capacity as sole settlor of the centralized public administration, or entities, with the purpose of assisting the Federal Executive in the powers of the State to promote the priority and strategic areas of development.

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