Customs broker will have new cause of suspension in Mexico

The customs broker and the importer will be suspended to operate in the electronic customs system for the clearance of goods, for up to one calendar month, when the customs authorities, in exercise of their powers, detect that the number of the commercial identification that corresponds to the merchandise.

This will be so provided that said omission implies the lack of presentation of the document stating the deposit made through a customs guarantee account, in the case of the final importation of merchandise subject to estimated prices, or that the document attached to the request in the that the deposit made through a customs guarantee account is insufficient.

This new cause of suspension for the customs broker and the importer was established the Decree by which the General Import and Export Tax Law is issued, and various provisions of the Customs Law are published and amended, published this Wednesday in the Official Journal of the Federation.

The customs broker is the natural person authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, through a patent, to promote the clearance of goods in the different customs regimes on behalf of others.

Customs broker

The Decree will establish commercial identification numbers in which the goods are classified according to the tariff fractions and the methodology for the creation and modification of said numbers, which will be determined by the Ministry of Economy, with the prior opinion of the Ministry. of Finance and Public Credit.

The methodology will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation through the Ministry of the Economy.

Once the customs authorities know the facts or omissions that make up the suspension, they will disclose them in a detailed manner to the customs broker or importer, and they will grant you a period of 20 days, counted from the following day on which the effect takes effect. notification, so that they may distort the cause, or present the document that contains the deposit made through the customs guarantee account, through the rectification of the request, otherwise, the patent or authorization in question will be suspended, until the respective documentation is presented, without the suspension being able to exceed one calendar month.

Said suspension will be without effect, once the interested party denies the cause or presents the guarantee referred to in articles 36-A, section I, subsection e), 84-A and 86-A, section I of this Law, in accordance to the procedure established by the Tax Administration Service through rules.