Customs: 5 major seizures of merchandise and money in Mexico

In Mexico’s customs, drugs, weapons, dollars, hydrocarbons and cigarettes were seized in the first half of 2020, highlighted the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

If the General Administration of Customs (AGA) finds any inconsistency, it carries out the lifting of the PAMA, which begins with the precautionary seizure of the merchandise, which as it should be founded and motivated.

Article 151 of the Customs Law dictates the reasons for the seizure of merchandise and, being a complex rule, the authority must define in which fraction, of the seven that make up the article, the taxpayer is incurring.


Regarding seizures and embargoes in Mexican during the first half of 2020, the following highlighted:

  • 394,233 pieces of cigars and cigars were insured.
  • Regarding drugs, the following were seized: 2,482.57 kilograms of cocaine; 180.30 kilograms of heroin; 591.54 kilograms, 2 bottles and 28 pills of methamphetamine; 237.02 kilograms of fentanyl; 3,673.48 kilograms, 1.41 liters, 13,617 bottles, 149 pills, 228 cigars and 25 seeds of marijuana, cannabis and peyote; 24,606.96 kilograms, 63 bottles and 37,699.50 psychotropic pills and controlled medications.
  • Regarding weapons, the government seized 205 firearms, 113 short weapons and 92 long weapons; 484 chargers; 187,549 cartridges; 850 warheads; and 5,250 parts of weapons.
  • Regarding foreign currency, 6.4 million dollars in currency, 13.4 million dollars in documents and 22.0 thousand Mexican pesos were seized.
  • Also seized 78 million 199,467.62 liters of hydrocarbons, including diesel, gasoline and gas condensate.

With the world’s most dynamic border, between Mexico and the United States, and a network of 13 free trade agreements with 50 nations, Mexico’s customs plays a crucial role.

Currently, events of great impact are underway in the 49 customs of Mexico: new regulations derived from trade agreements, the trade war between the United States and China and the use of advanced technologies, among others.


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