Cultiba, UP and Teck Resources ask to support the T-MEC

The presidents of the companies Organización Cultiba, Union Pacific Corporation and Teck Resources urged support for the implementation of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) so that the three countries have shared benefits.

The joint statement was made by Juan Gallardo Thurlow, president of the Cultiba Council and leader of the International Pillar of the Mexican Business Council; Lance Fritz, Chairman of the Board, Chairman and CEO of Union Pacific Corporation, and Chairman of the International Business Committee of the United States Business Roundtable; and Don Lindsay, President and CEO of Teck Resources Limited, and Chairman of the Council of the Business Council of Canada.

“North American business leaders celebrate the entry into force of the modernized agreement. We thank the governments of Mexico, the United States, and Canada for their tireless efforts to preserve and strengthen trade in North America that will promote economic growth and opportunities for our citizens.

“We also recognize the broad and historic support of the three legislatures for this agreement. Business leaders will work together with the three governments to ensure that the T-MEC achieves its goals, maintains public support, and contributes to addressing the challenges stemming from the Covid-19 global pandemic, ”they said in a statement.

Cultiba and the Business Council

“The T-MEC can accelerate North America’s economic recovery, in part, by providing the certainty necessary to do business. This new trade agreement also promotes the modernization of standards, fosters leadership in innovation and digital commerce, facilitates commercial exchange and border crossings, and promotes regulatory harmonization and competitiveness.

«To obtain the expected benefits, the three governments must use the new tools and mechanisms available to promote cooperation and guarantee absolute compliance with the commitments they have made,» they added.


Business leaders urged the governments of Mexico, the United States, and Canada to closely coordinate implementation and to work, together with the private sector and all stakeholders, to achieve their shared goals of strengthening the capacity and flexibility of supply chains and boost North America’s competitiveness.

«Tariff-free trade will be the basis of the agreement’s success. We urge all three governments to prioritize dialogue and cooperation and resist the imposition of tariffs, including those that could be imposed through Section 232, as well as other restrictions or measures that would undermine the objectives of this comprehensive trade agreement and weaken North American competitiveness, ”they said.

«Working together, we can ensure that workers, farmers, families, communities and businesses in all three countries benefit from the T-MEC, and that our economies emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever,» they added. .

The Mexican Business Council is one of the seven organizations with voice and vote of the Business Coordinating Council (Mexican Business Council, Coparmex, CONCAMIN, CONCANACO, Association of Banks of Mexico, Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions and National Agricultural Council).

It brings together the main executives of the most important companies in Mexico in order to «promote» public policies that promote investment and job creation.

Organization Cultiba in the main Pepsico bottler in Mexico, among other businesses.