Credits for AIFA and its construction works

Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) has received several credits from the Mexican development bank, Bancomext, Banobras and the National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN).

For the development of the AIFA construction project in 2021, Bancomext granted and placed credit for 1,215 million pesos for the purchase of equipment, and installation of furniture and equipment in waiting rooms; tunnels and roundabouts to connect terminals with aircraft, as well as the supply of aluminum for various installations.

At the end of 2021, Nafin gave 100% of the line formalized in 2020 for 100 million pesos, for the development of the airport construction project.

Likewise, during 2021, Banobras and FONADIN participated in the financing of various connectivity road works with the AIFA, among others, the expansion of the Siervo de la Nación Highway to improve connectivity with the airport, as well as for the Naucalpan highways -Ecatepec, Mexico-Pachuca and TultepecAIFA-Pyramids, and various junctions. In total, as of December 2021, financing was granted for 23,123 million pesos.

Banobras also participates with a guarantee for half of the syndicated loan for the development of the connection works of the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense with the airport.


In the same way, it has participated in the development of the expansion of the Buenavista-Cuautitlán Urban Railway, for which, in addition to the restructuring of existing loans, in October 2021 a Fonadin loan was granted for up to 400 million pesos, to start the preliminary construction, adaptation and modification works for the Lechería-AIFA Section.

The first element of the plan is that Sedena and its Group of Engineers build two commercial runways, a military runway, a commercial passenger terminal and a control tower at the Santa Lucía military airport located in the municipality of Zumpango, State of Mexico.

The Santa Lucía airport is located about 45 kilometers north of the AICM. Brigadier General Gustavo Ricardo Vallejo Suárez, Director of the Sedena-AIFA Engineering Group, explained his plans for the Santa Lucía Base to reach 190,000 take-off and landing operations per year together with the other two airports (Toluca and AICM ).

Sedena will design and build the new commercial section of the airport with prefabricated and modular construction materials, with a budget of 4.1 billion dollars.

The airport will have PBN navigation systems and a total of three runways (original plus two) with an initial capacity of 20 million passengers, with the potential to expand to 80 million passengers, and even 120 million in the long term.

Sedena is planning an intermodal passenger transport station, which will include light rail, bus lines and an underground metro station.


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