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COSCO Shipping Energy’s tankers

As of June 30, 2023, COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co. had a total tanker transportation capacity of 154 vessels with a deadweight tonnage of 22.42 million.

This Chinese tanker shipping company is a leader in China‘s LNG shipping business and a major player in the global LNG shipping market.

Shanghai LNG, a wholly owned subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Energy, and CLNG, in which it owns 50% equity, are the leading large-scale LNG shipping companies in China.

Also by the end of the first half of 2023, the parent company had participated in the investment of 68 LNG carriers, all of which were project vessels, and the revenue remained relatively stable.

Among them, 42 LNG carriers have been put into operation, with a capacity of 7.03 million cubic meters; and the remaining 26 LNG carriers are under construction, with a capacity of 4.52 million cubic meters.

In recent years, as these vessels were put into operation one after another, the company’s LNG transportation business has entered a period of stable profitability.


As the world’s leading tanker owner, COSCO Shipping Energy continues to provide high-quality energy transportation services to domestic and overseas customers with its global marketing and service network, strong safety and ship management capabilities, and «customer-centric» business philosophy.

In turn, China is the world’s largest importer of oil and natural gas, and its huge oil and gas import volume has brought a rich customer base and business opportunities to the company.

Through in-depth and long-term cooperation, the company has established good strategic partnerships with major oil companies and independent domestic refineries, laying an important foundation for business development and value creation capabilities.

COSCO Shipping Energy’s tanker fleet ranks first in the world in terms of shipping capacity, covering the world’s major tanker types, and is the tanker fleet with the most comprehensive range of vessel types in the world.


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