Consumption of alcohol products and e-commerce

Consumption of alcohol products has been driven by e-commerce in the home, according to LQR House Inc.This trend increased since the Covid-19 pandemic.Progressively, e-commerce allows consumers to access wine, rum, tequila, beer, whiskey, vodka, gin, sake or brandy at home.Because of this change, people who used to go to a bar or restaurant to consume alcohol are now increasingly buying products online or even going directly to the manufacturer when the law allows it.LQR House believes this demonstrates great potential for continued market expansion and the relevance of e-commerce platforms for alcohol. In particular, the United States has shown a strong upward trend in online alcohol purchasing.

Consumption of alcohol products

LQR House believes the following trends, as discussed in a Forbes interview with Drizly’s Director of Consumer Insights, will continue to shape the alcoholic beverage market:

  • Consumers are likely to continue to buy more adult beverages online.
  • Tequila and mezcal will continue to gain popularity. Tequila surpassed bourbon in retailer growth expectations among top-selling spirits, while mezcal is poised to take center stage.
  • Consumers are likely to continue to become more aware of brand ownership and values.
  • Premiumization in the industry will accelerate as consumers reallocate funds from experiences to at-home pleasures.
  • Artisanal mineral water will begin to gain market share, marked by more exclusive ingredients, artisanal flavors and elevated packaging.


In addition to the sustained demand for the most important product categories (beer, wine and spirits) and the increased importance of e-commerce, the demand for novelty and quality products also continues to grow.Within this market, product consumption is increasing due to several market trends, including demand for new beverage categories such as specialty spirits, flavored and sparkling wines, and premixed carbonated beverages.