Constellation Brands: projected beer investments in 2025-2028

Constellation Brands plans to invest about $3 billion in beer production during fiscal years 2025-2028, primarily in Mexico.

During fiscal 2024 (ended Feb. 29), the company spent more than $900 million to complete planned expansions and execute optimization initiatives, increasing total capacity in Mexico from approximately 42 million hectoliters to approximately 48 million hectoliters, and the ongoing construction of the Veracruz Brewery. 

Globally, Mexico remained the largest beer exporter in 2023, with shipments abroad of 6,163 billion dollars, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%, according to Inegi data.

The second and third positions were occupied by the Netherlands and Belgium, with 2,152 million and 1,842 million dollars, respectively.

In this context, Constellations Brands’ expansion, optimization and/or construction activities continue at its breweries in Mexico to support the expected future needs of the business. 

Constellation Brands

The company plans to invest approximately $3 billion in these activities during the fiscal 2025-2028 period and believes these investments provide it with the opportunity to further expand its leadership position in the high-end segment of the U.S. beer market. 

Constellation Brands is also leveraging the success of its leading U.S. import brand families through its innovation strategy. 

For example, its Modelo Chelada brands have become an important contributor to the growth of its portfolio as the leading chelada in the U.S. beer market. 

Innovative beverages

In fiscal 2024, the company continued to build on its successful innovation platform with the launch of new products aligned with consumer-driven premiumization, enhancement and taste trends, including Modelo Oro, a light, low-calorie Mexican beer; Corona Sin Alcohol; Modelo Chelada Sandía Picante, a watermelon and chile michelada-style beer; and Modelo Chelada Variety Pack, a 12-ounce, 12-pack offering of some of its chelada flavors. 

Additionally, the company announced the launch of the following products in select markets during fiscal year 2025: Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas, a blend of real fruit juice with a light twist inspired by Mexico’s classic aguas frescas, Corona Sunbrew, a beer brewed with real citrus peels and a touch of real citrus juice, and two new flavors of Modelo Chelada, Fresa Picante and Negra con Chile.


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