Condumex: 12 main competitors

Condumex, a holding company that concentrates Grupo Carso‘s most important companies in the industrial sector, listed 12 of its main competitors.

The dozen companies are: Yazaki, Sumitomo, Lear, Coficab, General Cable, Prysmian, Commscope and Belden; in transformers, Prolec-GE (a Grupo Xignus company), Voltran-Weg, Siemens and ABB (as well as Chinese companies).

In particular, in the automotive sector, Condumex is focused on original equipment and Tier 1 customers in Mexico, Germany and North America.

Grupo Carso concentrates in Condumex its manufacturing and marketing operations of products and services for the construction and infrastructure, energy, automotive, telecommunications and mining markets.

The conglomerate has first-class strategic partners. Global companies that are highly recognized in their industries participate with Grupo Carso in some sectors, such as Aptiv in the automotive sector and Sears Roebuck USA in the commercial sector, among others.

In the automotive industry, Condumex produces aluminum, copper and special alloy automotive cable, automotive software, design and manufacture of automotive electrical systems.

Main competitors

Grupo Carso generates value by participating in bids for construction, infrastructure and oil projects, seeking new business opportunities in other countries, such as the projects it has in Nicaragua and Panama with FCC Construcción.

The company also generates value by diversifying its cable portfolio, improving operations and supporting innovation through the Carso Research and Development Center (Cidec), offering cutting-edge processes and products on a global scale.

An example of this is the flat aluminum battery cable with a 48-volt automotive connectivity system, for which the company holds the industrial design rights in Mexico.

In addition, the company has developed and obtained approvals in Europe for high-voltage automotive cables with a clear growth trend due to the consumption of electric vehicles.

Likewise, Minled, the most sophisticated cable in the mining industry with luminescent properties and visibility even in snowy conditions, stands out.

Condumex’s strategy is to consolidate the markets of its three divisions: telecommunications, construction and automotive.

Its objective is to increase the volume of telecom cable, including coaxial, fiber optic and copper cable, as well as energy cables, transformers and integral projects for the construction industry.


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