Companies prioritize renewable energy

In recent years, many power companies have prioritized the transition of their power generation assets to renewable energy sources, noted the company RCM Technologies.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that 38% of the electrical generation capacity of the United States will be made up of wind and solar assets by 2050.

This expansion will require a large investment in the nation’s transmission infrastructure to interconnect these renewable resources with the power grid.

According to RCM, projects of this scale will require engineering and design expertise, as well as the use of EPC services.

As global industrial production recovers from pandemic-related weakness in 2020 and 2021, RCM believes its Industrial and Process group is well positioned to take advantage of the context.

At the same time, chemical industry companies are reprioritizing spending on decarbonization technologies, with many US chemical companies hoping to put an emphasis on renewable feedstocks and new carbon recycling technologies.

In this regard, RCM believes that its process engineering services can play a key role in this multi-million dollar opportunity.

Renewable energy

The company’s engineering group continues to focus on growth areas, primarily within the electric power, aerospace, maritime and transportation, commercial and industrial, oil and gas, and biofuels industries.

On the other hand, in the health care services industry, the shortage of nurses and other medical personnel in the United States has led to an increase in the business activity of health care services companies, including the specialized health care group of the company.

Due in part to an aging population and improved medical technology, the demand for select health professionals is expected to continue for years to come, with an emphasis on leveraging technology to expand access to care.

The increased adoption of telemedicine, an area where the Specialty Health Care group has developed new service offerings, is a prime example.

RCM is dedicated to providing solutions to meet the business needs of its clients through the provision of engineering, specialty healthcare, life sciences and information technology services.


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