Cofece authorizes merger between Consorcio AGA and Danone Mx

The Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) of Mexico authorized a merger involving Consorcio AGA and Danone Mx.

Specifically, the operation consists of the acquisition by Danone Mx and/or Los Pinos of the entire participation held by GAMI in the capital stock of the JV Companies.

Likewise, the operation has a non-competition clause.

From the analysis carried out, Cofece considers that, if the notified operation were carried out, it would have little probability of affecting the process of free competition and economic competition.

As background: On December 10, 2021, Danone Holding de México, (Danone Mx); Corporate AGA-GAMI (CAG); AGA Consortium; AGA Bottler of Mexico (Bottler); Embotelladora Mexicana, (EM, together with CAG, Consorcio AGA and Embotelladora, GAMI); Cuzco International Group (GCI); Water Bottlers in Mexico (EAM); Los Pinos Bottled Water (Los Pinos); They packaged; Purified Natural and Mineral Waters (APNM); Envasadora Aguabon (Aguabon, together with CGI, EAM, Los Pinos, Envasaban and APNM, the JV Companies; and together with Danone Mx and GAMI, the Notifiers) notified Cofece of their intention to hold a merger.

Consorcio AGA

From October to December 2021, the Commission analyzed 86 concentrations, of which 48 were authorized, two had administrative closure and 36 are still in process.

The value of the completed operations was more than 1 trillion pesos.

In addition, 11 matters regarding opinions on bids, concessions and permits were analyzed, of which four obtained a favorable opinion, one was dismissed as inadmissible and six are still in process.

Cofece is an autonomous constitutional body with legal personality and its own assets, whose constitutional mandate is to promote, protect and guarantee competition and free market access, as well as to prevent, investigate and combat monopolistic practices, illicit concentrations and other restrictions on efficient operation. of the markets.

The Commission is also empowered to regulate access to essential inputs and order measures that eliminate barriers to competition and free trade, and the divestment of assets, rights, partnership interests or actions of economic agents.

Its mission is to promote and protect competition in the markets to contribute to the well-being of families and the economic growth of the country.


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