Coca-Cola FEMSA depends more on the Coca-Cola brand

Coca-Cola FEMSA has relied increasingly on the Coca-Cola brand for its total sales volume in recent years.

At the end of 2019, the company owned 49 bottling plants. By country, at that date, it had 17 bottling plants and 5 secondary plants for a total of 22 in Mexico, 7 in Central America, 7 in Colombia, 10 in Brazil, 2 in Argentina and 1 in Uruguay.

On this basis, Coca-Cola FEMSA ranks as the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola brand beverages in the world in terms of volume.

The company’s largest brand, Coca-Cola, along with its low calorie product line, accounted for 62.4, 62.2 and 60.8% (excluding KOF Philippines sales volume) of its total sales volume in 2019, 2018 and 2017, respectively.

Coca-Cola FEMSA

The company produces, markets, sells and distributes Coca-Cola brand beverages. Coca-Cola brand beverages include: soft drinks (colas and flavored soft drinks), waters and still beverages (including juice drinks, coffee, teas, milk, value-added dairy, sports drinks, energy drinks and beverages of plant origin).

In addition, it distributes and sells Heineken beer products in its Brazilian territories.


Coca-Cola FEMSA produces, markets, sells and distributes Coca-Cola brand beverages in each of its territories in containers authorized by The Coca-Cola Company, which mainly consist of a variety of returnable and non-returnable bottle presentations. glass, cans and plastic bottles made primarily from PET resin.

The company uses the term presentation to refer to the packaging unit in which it sells its products.

Presentation sizes for Coca-Cola trademark beverages range from a 6.5-ounce personal size to a 3-liter multiple serving size.

For all Coca-Cola-FEMSA products, excluding water, the Mexican company considers a multiple serving size equal to or greater than 1.0 liter.

In general, personal sizes are priced higher per unit case compared to multi-serving sizes.

The company offers returnable and non-returnable presentations, which allow you to provide portfolio alternatives based on convenience and affordability to implement revenue management strategies and target specific distribution channels and population segments in your territories.

In addition, Coca-Cola FEMSA sells some Coca-Cola brand beverage syrups in containers designed for use in soda fountains, which it refers to as a fountain.

It also sells bottled water products in bulk, which refer to presentations equal to or greater than 5.0 liters and up to 20.0 liters, which have a much lower average price per unit case than its other beverage products.