Chinese exports of electric two-wheelers

China is one of the largest exporters of electric two-wheelers in the world.

Electric two-wheelers are usually all kinds of scooters, bicycles, mopeds and electric motorcycles.

According to the China Electric Vehicle Association, the export value of China’s electric two-wheeled vehicle industry was $3.67 billion in $7.43 billion in 2021 and $7.35 billion in 2022.

Europe and Southeast Asia are the top two export destinations for China’s electric two-wheeled vehicles, accounting for about 70% of the total export volume.

According to Lobo EV Technologies, China has adopted a new national standard that promotes the use of two-wheeled electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries.

By amending the General Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles, the Chinese government has set a limit on the total allowable weight of electric bicycles (including battery weight) of 55 kg from April 2019.

Given that the replacement cycle of electric two-wheelers is between three to five years, Lobo EV Technologies refers that most of the two-wheelers in circulation have been replaced by the new two-wheelers that meet the new national standard since 2022.

Electric vehicles

The industry has attracted investment in recent years. In addition, the industry’s products are constantly incorporating new technologies and materials. As a result, competition within the industry is intensifying.

According to the China Electric Vehicle Association, the market size of the Chinese two-wheel electric vehicle industry will be $236 billion in 2023, and $37.28 billion in 2028, with a steady annual growth rate of approximately 9.06 percent.

Lobo EV Technologies is a manufacturer and marketer of electric vehicles. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric bicycles, electric mopeds, electric tricycles and electric four-wheeled off-road transportation vehicles, such as golf carts and mobility scooters for the elderly and disabled.


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