China’s medical device exports grow 42.5%

Exports of medical devices from China totaled 16,522.4 million dollars from January to November 2020, a 42.5% increase year-on-year, reported the General Administration of Customs of that country.

These products include: defibrillator, stethoscope, stethoscope, X-ray equipment, electrocardiograph, surgical instruments, sterilizer, surgical implant, pacemaker, glucometer and IVD (in vitro diagnostic medical device) sample containers.

In November 2020, China’s medical device exports were for $ 1,634.5 million.

China is the world’s largest merchandise exporter and a major exporter of Personal Protective Equipment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Medical device exports

Currently, and faced with the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries in general have required a large amount of medical supplies to cover the demand that has been generated to treat the large number of existing cases.

Among the most popular sanitary materials are masks, gloves, formulations with active ingredients, hydroxchloroquine, respirators, hydroalcoholic gel and diagnostic kits.

An analysis by the United States Congress indicates that as the Chinese health system has grown, the United States’ participation in the Chinese health market has also increased, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of the total health exports of United States.

In 2019, US external sales of medical devices and equipment to China totaled $ 3.1 billion, equivalent to 8.3% of total US medical device exports and nearly double the share in 2012.