China leads exports of garlic, mandarins and apples

China leads the world in exports of mandarins, apples and garlic, according to the company Sino Agro Food.

Agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing more than 300 million farmers.

Currently, China ranks first in world agricultural production, producing mainly rice, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, sorghum, peanuts, tea, millet, barley, cotton, oilseeds and soybeans.

China is also the largest consumer of many agricultural products, such as pork, rice and soybeans.

Although that country represents only 10% percent of the world’s arable land, it produces food for 20% of the world’s population.

While China in general has been successful in meeting its growing demand for food and grains by increasing domestic production, it has become a major global importer of various agricultural products, including cotton, soybeans, vegetable oils, and animal skins. .


As its domestic agricultural production has grown, China has also become the world’s largest exporter of various horticultural products, such as mandarins, apples, apple juice, garlic, and other vegetables.

According to Sino Agro Food, China’s increasingly important position in world agricultural markets followed decades of gradual growth in domestic food production and consumption.

After the introduction of market-based reforms in 1978 that included the elimination of the collective production system and the relaxation of government direction over certain production and marketing decisions by farmers, Chinese agricultural production grew significantly.

Between 1978 and 2008, China almost doubled its grain production (rice, wheat and corn) and quadrupled its meat production; fruit and milk production was approximately 30 times higher in 2008 than in 1978.

During these three decades, population growth of about 1% per year, together with an annual growth of per capita income of 8%, drove a large increase in the demand for more agricultural and higher-value products, especially of the class large and growing mean of China.

China’s rapid growth in food consumption was largely offset by growth in domestic production, allowing it to remain self-sufficient in most major staples.


Sino Agro Food is an agricultural technology and natural food holding company with main operations in China that is involved in the ongoing transformation of China’s fragmented agricultural sector into a modern food production industry using sustainable and profitable methods.

The company focuses on seafood and meat production with integrated wholesale distribution.


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