Chile stands out for its intelligent transportation system

Among all the innovations in Chile, the intelligent transportation system is a leading initiative, highlights a report from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

The Department of Transportation and Telecommunications has taken detailed consideration to advance its transportation system.

The combination of artificial intelligence and ICT with transport has made this system more complete and intelligent.

Going forward, according to APEC, the introduction of shared micromobility and autonomous vehicles has strengthened the entire system and will make Chile a more promising future.

Intelligent transportation

Shared micromobility refers to services that shared vehicles provide to the public for transportation purposes.

In Chile, it includes station-based, dockless shared bikes, and shared scooters.

In general, shared micromobility requires efficient public policies and mastery of new technologies.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (SIT) are a process that attempts to incorporate new practices and technologies into transportation systems.

From an APEC perspective, the implementation of SIT will enhance the existing SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) project and strengthen territorial coordination.

At the same time, the travel experience of citizens will be improved.

A more advanced traffic control system is vital in SIT, as it will improve traffic management and alleviate congestion in urban areas.

On the other hand, the use of digital technologies and data analysis will help transform mobility planning and management.

Big data and artificial intelligence technology have enabled the transportation system to make better decisions about travel planning and users’ travel patterns.

In parallel, Chile has made a comprehensive preparation for the development of autonomous vehicles.

For example, autonomous vehicles are equipped with DGPS, 4G connectivity, Lidar, and an emergency stop button.

The safety of these vehicles was one of the main concerns, so the user information system was built and equipped with facilities for disabled people.

The Pilot vehicle in Santiago is a comprehensive plan.

Likewise, the Pilot vehicle is tested on private roads under controlled conditions.

It is also the first autonomous vehicle pilot in Latin America.


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