Chico’s sells women’s clothing in 70 franchises in Mexico

The american company Chico’s FAS sells women’s clothing in 70 franchises in Mexico.

Founded in 1983, the company is a leading retailer specializing in sophisticated, elegant omni-channel apparel, intimates and complementary accessories.

Chico’s operates under the Chico’s, White House Black Market (WHBM), Soma and TellTale brands.

As of February 2020, it operated 1,341 stores in 46 states of the American Union, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. It also has two national airport locations.

Based on their approach, Chico’s various lifestyle brands meet the needs of fashion-savvy women over 35.

The company earns revenue through the sale of merchandise at its national and international retail stores, its various operated e-commerce websites, its call center (which receives orders from all its brands), through unaffiliated franchise partners and through third parties.


The company uses an integrated, omni-channel approach to manage its business.

It wants its customers to experience their brands holistically and to see the various retail channels it operates as a unique experience rather than separate sales channels operating independently.

Photo: Chico’s.

This allows your customers to browse, buy, return or exchange the merchandise through the sales channel and at the most convenient time. As a result, it tracks total sales and comparable sales in combination.

During the first quarter of 2020, the company’s net profit rose to $ 280 million, which represents a drop from the $ 518 million profit it managed to generate during the same period last year.


Chico started operating in 1983 and mainly sells private label clothing designed exclusively for women over 45.

Chico’s apparel, including the Black Label, Zenergy and Travelers collections, emphasizes problem-solving styles, comfort and relaxed fit.

Accessories and jewelry are original and designed to elevate the assortment of clothing, allowing our client to individualize their personal style.

Furthermore, the WHBM brand began operating in 1985 and was acquired by the company in September 2003. WHBM is dedicated to being a destination of style and authority in locker room construction. WHBM primarily sells private label clothing designed exclusively for women 35 and older.

WHBM also offers a modern collection to support every moment of your lifestyle, selling stylish and versatile clothing and accessories, including everyday essentials, polished casual wear, relaxed work wear, black and white pieces. and feminine dresses for all occasions.

WHBM accessories such as shoes, belts, scarves, bags, and jewelry are specifically designed to coordinate with each collection, allowing customers to easily individualize their wardrobe selections.


This brand, which began operating in 2004, primarily sells privately-branded lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear products designed exclusively and focused on women who want solutions that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Core Soma brand franchises emphasize innovative styles that focus on uncompromising fit and comfort, including Vanishing Back bras, Vanishing Edge panties, slimming leggings, and Cool Nights nightwear.


This brand, which began operating in 2019, mainly sells exclusively designed private label lingerie products focused on women who know that their sensuality is their own, their comfort is a right and their history always unfolds.

TellTale offers flattering fashion and quality intimate apparel options at an affordable price. TellTale’s core franchises focus on lounge bras, everyday and special occasion bras, and their matching panties.