Chicken meat: consumption grows in Mexico

The per capita consumption of chicken meat was 33.5 kilograms in Mexico in 2021, which represents an increase of 1.2% compared to the per capita value of 2020, according to data from the National Poultry Farmers Union (UNA).

Chicken meat is the most consumed in Mexico.

Likewise, Mexico is one of the 10 most important producers worldwide, with an estimated production of 3,665 tons of chicken in 2021,

Thus, fresh chicken is the most popular and consumed meat in Mexico. According to the UNA, more than 90% of the chicken is sold fresh and only a smaller percentage is sold frozen, or with added value (marinated, breaded, partially or fully cooked, among others).

These last products have had a limited acceptance in the poultry market in Mexico, given the preference for fresh products.

Regarding the participation of the companies, Bachoco estimates that it is the leader in the poultry industry in Mexico, with a market share of 35%, and added to its closest competitor, both accumulated approximately 60% market share in the commercialization of chicken.

Chicken meat

According to the Department of Agriculture, Mexico is the main destination of the United States for the export of chicken.

Mexican chicken imports from the United States have increased from 204,100 tons in 2008 (when restrictions on leg quarter imports were phased out in January 2008) to approximately 575,100 tons in 2021.

According to preliminary figures, total chicken imports increased 10.0% in 2021 compared to 2020.


Chicken products in Mexico are classified into six main categories: live, public market, rotisserie, broiler, chicken pieces, and value-added products.

Bachoco participates in all these categories.

For a better understanding of the chicken market in Mexico, below is a brief description of each category, described by Bachoco:

  • Live chicken. It is sold live to small slaughter operations independent of the company or to wholesalers who contract with dedicated slaughter companies, independent of Bachoco, for processing.

-Public market. This product is marketed whole, without gutting and is marketed within a maximum of 48 hours after slaughter. This product is sold to the consumer without packaging or brand identification.

  • Rotisserie. This product is marketed whole and gutted, ready to cook.

-Supermarket. It is a whole, fresh chicken, presented with edible viscera packed separately.

-Chicken in pieces. Also known by the term «cuts», it refers to fresh chicken in parts, sold in trays or in bulk, mainly to self-service chains, institutional food chains and fast food chains.

-Products with added value. They are usually cuts or whole chicken (in a lower percentage than the previous categories) that have been marinated, breaded, pre-cooked or seasoned.


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